Who Studied in Montessori Schools

Larry Page & Sergey Brin : Founders of Google
Prince William & Prince Harry
Jeffrey Bozos : Founder & CEO of Amazon.com
Mark Zuckerberg : Founder of Facebook
Bill Gates : Founder of Microsoft
Katherine Graham : Former Washington Post Owner & Editor
Gabriel Garcia Marquez : Nobel Proze Winner of Literature
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: Former First Lady
Daughter of Bill Hillary Clinton
Peter Drucker : Management Guru
Michael Douglas : Famous Actor
David Blaine : Famous Magican
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Composer "The Phantom of the Opera"
Hugh Grant: Famous Actor

Other Famous People Connected to Montessori
Alexander Graham Bell (inventor) : founder of the Montessori
Education Association in US and Canada.
Thomas Edison, scientist and inventor, helped found Montessori schools.
Erik Erikson, noted anthropologist/author
Jean Piaget, noted Swiss psychologist : head of the Swiss Montessori Society
Robert Frost : Poet Laureate