Uniqueness of Buzan Montessori

Thanks to Dr. Montessori's radical notion of building an education environment that reflects the children's true needs, children are now able to listen to their own inner guide and direct themselves to purposeful activities that would assist them in their development, and have the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential...

Our Teachers

Our hand-picked teaching staff is comprised of specially Certified Montessori Teachers who had undergone extensive training in Montessori Method of Education and had earned certification through International Recognised Montessori Institutions. They all possessed minimum of 10 years of overseas teaching experience, and are chosen for their deep commitment in Montessori Method of Education and their loving and respectful attitudes towards the children.

A Holistic Curriculum

The school curriculum is based on the well-tested curriculum developed by Montessori Centre International, United Kingdom. It is a carefully designed programme that meets the learning needs of individual children and helps each of them to reach his/her full potential in all areas of life. The curriculum is divided into six main areas, i.e. Practical Life, Sensorial, Arithmetic, Languages (English and Mandarin), Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Science, History, Geography, Botany and Zoology) and, Art & Creativity.

Child-Centred Environment

Instead of given lessons to the entire class, teachers at Buzan Montessori spend individual time with each and every child. They closely study and monitor the awakening of the child’s intellectual life and his/her developmental progress, and guide the child towards activities which help him/her to achieve to his/her fullest potential. In other words, they "follow the child".

English Language and Literacy Program

Phonics is one of the very first steps a child makes in the journey of beginning to read. It teaches children the relationship between letters and sounds. With this, children can then learn to speak and write words. At Buzan Montessori, children embark on this journey to acquire the language skills. Together with the English Headstart® program (thematic approach to learning vocabulary) developed by our Singapore Office and our Montessori teachers from overseas who conduct lessons in English, it creates a very conducive and fun environment for children to acquire the language.

Multi-Cultural Environment

Buzan Montessori welcomes and value diversity among our children, regardless of their ethnic, religious and socio-economic background. Thus, Buzan children will have valuable opportunities to be exposed to children of different nationalities (France, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, USA etc), religions, cultures, custom, languages and many more. Close interaction among children of diverse background would help them to come to an understanding of the similarities and differences between them. It in turn helps children to develop an appreciation and deep respect for these differences, and develop caring attitudes towards all mankind.

Stress-Free Transition into Preschool

Starting preschool is a milestone for children but it also bring lots of crying and uncertainty from both parents and children in the process of transitioning from home to school environment. For children especially at age 2-3, the main source of anxiety is the nervousness about being in a new environment with unfamiliar people. At Buzan Montessori, new children are received in batches (2-3 children per week) when they start schooling, and with 1-2 teachers dedicated to ease their transition into the new environment.

Mixes Age-Grouping

In the family, workplace and society as a whole, we are in constant interaction with people that are older or younger. Thus, strong emphasis had been placed in the Montessori environment to give children the opportunity to learn how to become part of, and contribute to a group; to respect others; to work and live in this mini-society in a cohesive manner. Research had shown that children learn well in a mixed age grouping as it allows them to learn from each other. Peer cooperation and peer tutoring increases self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of achievement in both older and younger children. The older children find the responsibility and by showing the younger children what they know, affirms to themselves to the extent of their learning while enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. Younger children on the other hand are surrounded by role models and are benefited from learning from the older children in a less pressurize environment. It thus gives them the joy and confidence of learning.

Comprehensive Parent Teacher Conference & Weekly Progress Report

We offer comprehensive Parent Teacher Conference twice yearly. This Parent Teacher Conference provides you the opportunity to have one-on-one discussion with the class teachers about your child's progress, strengths, overall development etc.

To ensure an open communication between parents and teachers, our teachers will also keep you update on your child’s progress through the weekly communication book. We also welcome parents to schedule meetings at end of the school day if they would like to communicate directly with their class teachers.

Positive Transition to Primary School

At Buzan, we seen children graduated year after year and they managed the transition positively and continued to perform well academically, socially and emotionally. This is because at Buzan Montessori, we offer children ‘Education for Life’, i.e. an environment that responds to the changing psycho-social, intellectual and physical needs of a child within each stage of his/her development.

Buzan Kids - a Happy, Motivated and Contented Child

What makes children at Buzan Montessori stand out of the box? It's because of the approach that we have taken. We provide children an environment where each’s child uniqueness is respected, where curiosity and self-discovery are encouraged, where mistakes are welcomed, where learning is fun and enjoyable, and more importantly, where each child's interests and developmental needs are being met.

Parent-School Partnership

Our parents are our best supporters. They acknowledge that parent-school partnership is vital for the success of the child’s learning journey. Through their active involvement in school work and their participating in school activities, meetings and conferences, this partnership has helped to increase effectiveness in working with children both at school and in the home.