Welcome Letter from Tony Buzan

Dear Parents and Your Wonderful Children,

I am delighted to announce that an educational institution totally dedicated to brain-friendly learning is now established in China.

This educational institution is the first of its kind in China. As in other Buzan educational institutions, this institution will revolutionize the way all children learn.

My goal, and the goal of the Buzan Group is the creation of a Mentally Literate planet; one in which every human being is fully aware of the physical and behavioral alphabets of our human brain.

This educational institution will guide your children to make the best use of their brains, as well as giving them the confidence and means to fulfill their personal mental potential. Your children will benefit from revolutionary learning techniques to develop Memory, Creativity, Study Skills, Speed and Range Reading, Mind Mapping and Analytical Thinking. More importantly, we will put the fun back into learning and equip your children to be lifelong-learners.

In addition, we have established Buzan Montessori International Pre-schools for young children aged 2 to 6. Our primary objective is to infuse the world's revolutionary learning tool - Mind Mapping technique into the Montessori Methods of Education. These schools will provide a safe, calm, and the most brain-friendly learning environment that not only serve the developmental needs and the intellectual growth of the children, but to also foster a love of learning and to develop them to become self-regulated independent learners.

I look forward to helping you unleash the genius in your children.

Floreant Dendritae!

Tony Buzan