Welcome Letter from the Principal

Thank you for your interest in Buzan Montessori.

Buzan Montessori was founded with a deep commitment to the Montessori philosophy of education and a strong desire to serve the developmental needs and intellectual growth of children. As a result, the school is dedicated to providing a safe and calm, nurturing teaching environment that meets their needs. We work tirelessly to foster a love of learning, an appreciation for beauty and nature, and an abiding respect for the world around us. We place the highest value on each child’s need for respect, self discipline and individuality.

As children learn best by doing, and at Buzan Montessori, education is a hands-on experience. Children learn by trial and error, and discovery. Rather than presenting them with the “right answer”, we courage them to do their own research, analyses what they discover in their learning journey, and come to their own conclusion. As a result, the children tend to be fully engaged and self directed in the learning process. They progress not only in academic achievement, but will gain, a love of learning, sense of accomplishment, self confidence, and self respect while developing a strong sense of order, independence, and personal responsibility.

The school curriculum is based on the well-tested curriculum developed by Montessori Centre International, United Kingdom. It is stimulating, challenging and offers amazing substance and depth. Our hand-picked teaching staff is comprised of specially certified Montessori teachers who had earned certification through internationally recognized training programmes. All are excellent classroom leaders, well-versed in Montessori philosophy and early childhood development. In addition, Buzan Montessori is recognized by International Montessori Society in meeting the standard of excellence in Montessori educational practice.

Let’s work together to give our children the most conducive environment for them to grow and to develop to their fullest potential!