Our School

Buzan Montessori is the 1st International Pre-school established by Tony Buzan in China. The school is wholly-owned and directly managed by Tony Buzan Education Group, Singapore.

The school infuses the world’s revolutionary learning tool - Mind Mapping technique into Montessori Methods of Education to provide a safe, calm, and the most brain-friendly learning environment that not only serve the developmental needs and the intellectual growth of the children, but to also foster a love of learning and to nurture them to become self-regulated independent learners.

The curriculum is based on the well tested curriculum developed by Montessori Centre International, United Kingdom. Lessons are conducted by Certified Montessori teachers who had undergone intensive training on Montessori methodology and practices, and earned certification through international recognised training institutions.

Buzan Montessori is currently one of the two schools in China that is accredited by International Montessori Society (IMS) in meeting the standard of excellence in Montessori practice. Because of the our commitment to true natural development in children, we were further appointed the representative of IMS for China region.