Our Philosophy

Character Building is an essential part of Buzan Montessori education, in which we placed strong emphasis in instilling good human virtues and moral values throughout our curriculum and cultures. It includes proactive strategies and practices to assist children to foster traits of kindliness, politeness, independence, respect for self, others and the environment, and with high regards to moral values. Like the roots of the tree, we refer to them as “Roots” of the child.

In addition, rather than presenting children with the “right answer”, Buzan Montessori encourages children do their own research, analyse what they discover in their learning journey, and come to their own conclusion. It helps children progress not only in academic achievement, but to assist each of the children to become an adult who is independent both in mind and actions, confident and full of self-esteemed. We refer to them as “Wings”.

With these two most important gifts that the children possessed, we believe our children will flourish in any given environment, and will eventually be contributing members of the society.